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Lexion Medical is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced technologies for gas conditioning in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies that help patients return to their normal, productive lives faster. Appropriately conditioning the gas before it enters the body and when it leaves the patient can dramatically help patients, surgeons, and make operating rooms more efficient with improved clinical outcomes.

Visualisation, warmth and humidification

InsuflowPort PneuView

AP 50/30

The first and only intelligent insufflator (II™)

The AP 50/30 is the world’s first comprehensive pneumo management system created for the surgeon and the patient. It delivers 100% CO2 to reduce the incidence of subcutaneous emphysema as compared to CO2 with added air.* Using air (nitrogen) to supplement pneumo has been shown to be hazardous and harmful to patients.**

  • The AP 50/30 Insufflator is a 50 L/min CO2 insufflator with true 30 L/min gas delivery regardless of instrument or scope present
  • Utilizes real-time Intracavitary pressure and flow sensing technology to deliver optimum pneumo throughout the entire surgery
  • Maintains a constant pressure reading regardless of leaks or spikes
  • Offers Standard/High Flow, Pediatric, Bariatric and Vessel and TAMIS Harvesting Modes
  • Enhanced safety and reliability during all laparoscopic and robotic procedures

* According to published studies 1/279 patients reported subcutaneous emphysema, pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax complications during/after laparoscopic surgery with conventional CO2 insufflators.

** According to published studies 12/73 patients reported subcutaneous emphysema, pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax complications during/after laparoscopic surgery with valveless trocars (used with the compatible insufflator).

Visualisation, warmth and humidification

Insuflow Port

InsuflowPort® Series

Going beyond standard Pneumoperitoneum ™

InsuflowPort® technology has application for all laparoscopic procedures.

The gas conditioning InsuflowPort® is designed to enhance laparoscopy for the patient and surgeon by pre-conditioning gas to 35 °C and 95% RH. The unique design allows multi-directional gas dispersion enabling you to operate without fear of losing pneumo.

  • Only Conditioning CO2 gas port (35 ˚C and 95% RH)
  • Improved clinical outcome
  • Flow consistency
  • Pneumo stability
  • Optimizing visualization

InsuflowPort® Series assures security and control of the pneumoperitoneum. The bladeless optical entry tip allows for controlled entry by enabling visualization of tissue layers with minimal fascial entry size. There is minimal drag force within the InsuflowPort® lumen and superior port retention.

The Insuflowport® has 45˚ angle gas delivery

The patented InsuflowPort® design creates a dedicated and separate unobstructed insufflation gas flow path offering the highest CO2 gas delivery flow rates in the industry. It provides consistent velocity and pneumoperitoneum, even with an instrument present, since maintenance of pneumoperitoneum is critical throughout the surgical procedure.

Validated improvement in clinical outcomes

  • Less hypothermia
  • Less peritoneal damage
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Decreased amount of pain medication
  • Shortened recovery room stay
  • Improved patient satisfaction

What is the difference?

The InsuflowPort® utilizes the same technology the Insuflow® gas conditioning system offers however it is imbedded in a unique high flow access system. All the clinical benefits of the Insuflow® are provided with the InsuflowPort® system along with the potential for higher gas flow rates and less chance of pneumo loss during laparoscopic cases.

The InsuflowPort®, like the Insuflow® technology, enhances the pneumoperitoneum by conditioning the gas to 35 ºC and 95% RH. This entry port design for laparoscopy also offers added features of flow consistency, pneumo-stability and enhanced visualization as part of the design.



Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery or Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is a surgical technique where a wide variety of procedures being performed on patients. While these procedures have many advantages for patients compared to traditional surgery, they also have common side effects which are the result of the condition of the gas. The gas traditionally used to insufflate the body is carbon dioxide (CO2). The current condition of the gas has been linked to:

  • Post-operative shoulder pain and abdominal pain
  • Hypothermia
  • Inflammatory response
  • Time in recovery
  • Lens fogging

How our technology improves patient outcomes

Traditional carbon dioxide (CO2) gas used for insufflation is dry and cold. While most patients and care providers have not thought much about the relative humidity of this gas and its effects on the human body, it has been shown to be profound. The traditional state of the CO2 is drier than desert air and cold relative to the patient’s body. The dry CO2causes drying of the delicate tissues in the body, specifically the peritoneal cells. This results in hypothermia, desiccation, and increased inflammatory response causing patients to experience shoulder pain and other post-operative pain.

The Insuflow® humidifies and warms the CO2 gas to 35 °C and 95%RH and has been proven in numerous scientific studies to provide patients the following benefits:

  • Less patient pain which means less narcotic pain medication
  • Less narcotic pain medication leads to less nausea.
  • Less shivering and hypothermia.
  • Less damage to tissues leading to decreased inflammatory response
  • Shorter recovery time lowers overall hospital stay therefore saving money for the patient and hospital.

Nurses and surgeons

The Insuflow® has been implemented at hospitals and surgery centers across the U.S. for more than 10 years and in many it is their standard of care. The Insuflow® is a compact easy-to-use disposable device that creates the best conditions to perform laparoscopic surgery. It is compatible with all insufflators. The Insuflow® technology has received several patents. The Insuflow® has been cleared for the United States market by FDA and has received the European Union market CE Mark. Please review the clinical studies to see how your patients can benefit from implementing the Insuflow®.

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduced hypothermia
  • Improved outcomes
  • Faster and improved recovery times
  • Improved visualization

Smoke evacuation


Smoke in Laparoscopic Surgery

The technology that is in use today for Minimally Invasive or Laparoscopic Surgery could only have been dreamed of a few years ago. The use of robots, high definition monitors and three-chip cameras, just to name a few, have enabled surgeons to see more precisely than ever before. However, all of these advancements are negated if the view is obstructed with surgical plume. There are also health risks associated with surgical smoke. Conventional smoke evacuators have not been widely used because of their inability to quickly clear the smoke and maintain the pneumoperitoneum as needed.

The future is here now

The PneuVIEW®XE is literally a new view. It is the only disposable active surgical smoke elimination device designed to deliver powerful smoke evacuation in a simple, easy to use package. With over 25 years of product development experience behind it, the PneuVIEW®XE is the first device to deliver the performance needed and demanded by today’s laparoscopic surgeons.

With its unique push button valve system the PneuVIEW®XE allows the surgical team to instantly customize the amount of smoke removal needed. It can remove small or large amounts of surgical plume. This ensures that the field of view is always as clear as possible, maintains the pneumoperitoneum, which allows the procedure to continue uninterrupted.

Nurses and surgeons

The PneuVIEW®XE is the only disposable active smoke elimination system in the market and has been implemented at hospitals and surgery centers across the U.S. and in many it is their standard of care. The PneuVIEW®XE is a compact easy-to-use disposable device that enables the best visualization during laparoscopic surgery that generates surgical smoke. It is compatible with existing suction options in the Operating Room. PneuVIEW®XE complies with AORN Recommended Practices for Electrosurgery, 2003 and OSHA Standards for Laser Smoke Removal. Please review the clinical studies to see how inhalation of surgical smoke can be harmful to both the patients as well as Operating Room personnel.

  • Reduced harmful gas exposure to patient
  • Reduced harmful gas exposure to Operating Room personnel
  • Comply with AORN Recommended Practices for Electrosurgery, 2003
  • Comply with OSHA Standards for Laser Smoke Removal
  • Improved visualization

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