New da Vinci X & Xi Surgical Systems


Introducing our fourth generation family of da Vinci® Surgical Systems, all of which incorporate the
core technologies and continue to advance Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) across a wide spectrum
of surgical procedures.

Flexible configurations, upgradable architecture and a consistent interface distinguish our family of
da Vinci systems. Standardisation of instruments and components can help manage inventory and
improve overall or efficiency.

Each member of the family is specifically designed for different needs.


The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System

The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System is optimized for multi-quadrant surgery with its boom-mounted architecture and multi-position setup joints that maximize the surgical workspace internally and externally. It is the most advanced minimally invasive option for complex surgeries in the areas of colorectal, general, gynaecologic and urologic surgery. The XI system’s enhancements include:

  • Articulating instruments
  • Sharper 3D-HD visualization
  • Intuitive and greater range of motion


The Xi allows the surgeon to explore a different part of the body mid-operation without repositioning the entire apparatus. It has four arms mounted onto an overhead boom architecture that can rotate and pivot into virtually any position. The arms can even be disconnected and reconnected mid-procedure if necessary. Further, the endoscope used to see what’s inside the body delivers sharper and more defined three-dimensional images (10 times greater that the human eye). It can also be attached to any of the robotic arms, which lets the surgeon scope out the surgical area with more flexibility. The arms of the da Vinci XI are smaller, thinner and have a greater range of motion. Even the instrument shafts — the sleeves that are inserted inside the incision — are longer so that surgeons can probe further than before.



The da Vinci X ™ Surgical System

The da Vinci X™ Surgical System is optimized for focused-quadrant surgery. It features the latest
advanced technologies in stapling, vessel sealing, vision and more.

It also provides a simple upgrade path as programme needs evolve. Its arm architecture maximises
range of motion, streamlines setup and simplifies port placement.


The Patient Cart features smaller, thinner arms that increase range of motion, minimise intraoperative interference and allow for simplified port placement.

A motorized cart drive moves the Patient Cart across the floor with ease, while laser guidance takes the guess work out of cart placement.

Optimised cannula mounts and an intuitive grab-and-move feature to move the arm into place simplify surgical docking.

Finally, the Patient Cart has a mobile fourth arm to provide flexibility in cart position and/or configuration and port hopping is enabled on any operative arm at any time during the procedure.

The arms also provides full access to advanced instruments such as:

  • The EndoWrist ® Stapler for precise positioning and optimal staple formation
  • The EndoWrist Vessel Sealer which enables precise positioning and sealing around critical structures
  • Firefly® Fluorescence Imaging enables more accurate assessment of critical anatomy, vasculature, and tissue perfusion
  • A fully integrated, multi-modality energy system provides enhanced safety traits and the flexibility for use in robotic or laparoscopic procedures
  • Single-Site® Technology is also available on the da Vinci X Surgical System. Single-access incision surgery can be performed with the advantage of a simplified operative interface
  • The mobile, console-mounted da Vinci Skills Simulator unit offers comprehensive operative skills training, benchmarking, and metrics.

The design enables compatibility to future technologies in stapling, vessel sealing, electrosurgery, and vision.


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